The weaver

Mural painted in A Teixeira, Ourense. In this area there were many weavers who worked primarily with wool and linen. The process of preparing the linen threads was very complex and required the collaboration of many people in the village(mostly children and women). Because of famine in post-war times wasn´t possible to acquire synthetic dyes so there were used natural environmental elements such as nuts, gorse, bark, lichens ... with which obtained a beautiful range of colors. The heroic weaving process could take many days because flax needs a lot of moisture, so women had to work in confined spaces with the light of small oil lamps or candles.

This technique practically disappeared, but the designs, shapes and colors that these women wrote in the cloth were an important page of Galician history we must not forget.

We thank Anna Champeney Textile Studio for opening the doors of his workshop in Cristosende and show us this office.

Xoana Almar and Miguel Peralta.

A Teixeira (Ourense). 2015.

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