The hermit from de San Mamede

In this mural we represent the legend of the hermit of Sierra de San Mamede (Ourense).

The story tells that a hermit was building a chapel at the top of the mountain with the help of two roe deers to load stones. One day, a wolf attacked one of the deers so the hermit put him to work with them. That´s how the hermitage of San Mamede was completed with the help of a deer and a wolf.

In this area of Galicia where livestock is the main source of wealth the wolf is one of the most feared animals and appears in many local stories.

The hermit carries a caroza, Galician traditional costume made of straw, widely used by shepherds and farmers of Ourense. It was used to protect against rain and cold from time immemorial until a few decades ago. Today there are few people able to make a good caroza and that keep using them in the depths of the Galician mountains.

Xoana Almar and Miguel Peralta.

Montederramo (Galicia). 2015.

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