CESTOLA NA CACHOLA is formed by three working partners: Xoana Álvarez Martín, Miguel Peralta Maraver and Raquel Doallo Álvarez. Julio Brandido Navaza is also involved in the project as a partner.

Xoana and Miguel are the artistic part of CESTOLAnaCACHOLA ::

  • Xoana has been trained as an illustrator, economist and anthropologist, and Miguel is an illustrator and his profile is marked by its extensive experience in urban art (graffiti and murals).
  • They work in painting since 2008 doing: paintings, murals, illustration of stories, posters ... Combining individual and joint creation.

Raquel is an economist and she has worked in various social actions and environmental awareness projects since years:

  • In 2009, as responsible for financial control of projects in AERESS (Spanish Association for Recover Social Solidarity Economy), where she initiated contact with the second hand sector through labour inclusion initiatives.
  • She has been expanding experience with NGOs , public and private organizations in development education, environmental awareness and cooperation for development interventions (Chiapas,Dominican Republic) related to inclusive and cooperative selfwork..
  • In 2012 she specialized as a consultant for cooperatives. Nowadays, she combines this experience with membership in various Galician organizations of social economy sector.